Laptop Cooling Pad


Allow your laptop to cool off with this stylish laptop cooling pad. Overheating your battery can damage the longevity of it. Using thermal heat distribution technology and airflow design, it keeps your laptop much cooler than leaving it on a flat surface. Featuring 5 degree height adjustablity, and being portable, you could work or play almost everywhere without worrying about your laptop getting too hot. This laptop pad also has a fan for added cooling airflow. Increase the batter lifespan of your technology and let it cool off.




Stylish design

Airflow design for cooling functionality

Protects laptops from overheating

Durable and sturdy material


Height adjustable

Cooling fan

USB ports

What comes in the box:

1 x laptop cooling pad


1 x 14 cm fan

2 ports USB hub

5 degree height adjustable

Dimension: 37.0*26.5*5.0 cm

Color: Black


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